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Boeing Patents Star Wars Styled Force Fields

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Aircraft giant Boeing has been granted a patent to one of the most advanced technologies in human history:  a functional force field.

Once a thing of scientific legend, force fields are now a thing of reality due to the efforts of researchers at Boeing.  The new technology is being called the MSSAVEA, which stands for the  Method and system for shockwave attenuation via electromagnetic arc.

The system uses energy to deflect damage that would be absorbed by energy carried in shockwaves.  The application of the technology could render the after effects of bombs harmless for nearby buildings, vehicles and even people.

boeing star wars style force field 2The MSSAVEA is not designed to block things like bullets, shrapnel or flying debris, but rather pulses of energy.  The technical aspects of the system relies on an advanced sensor system that can detect the slightest shockwave from an explosion or similar force.

After detecting an energy disturbance, the system uses advanced harmonic calculations to instantly create an ionization region between the shockwave.  The ‘protected zone’ is actually a plasma field generated by microwaves, electricity and lasers.

The simple diagram below is also found on Boeing’s force field patent page.  It depicts the instant action and protection the force field unit can provide.

boeing star wars style force field


In the image above, a mortar shell impacts near a US military vehicle.  The Boeing force field instantly detects the pending shockwave from the explosion and creates a plasma force field between the point of impact and the soldiers in the jeep.  The force field blocks all energy, from concussive force to heat, from the explosion, thereby minimizing damage and likely saving the soldier’s lives.

Given the impressive power of the forcefield, many may ask why Boeing’s patent does not render it always ‘activated’ and only reactive to explosive shockwave events.

Due to the fact that the system operates by heating and ionizing the air, it also deflects any dual partial beams such as sunlight from reaching the target.  That means once activated, those inside the protective ion radius are enveloped in ‘pitch black’ conditions.  Researchers are expected to overcome this limitation before the end of the decade.

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