Jon Stewart Rips Fox News for Ferguson Benghazi Double Standard

Fox Real Time logo on Fox News Channel''
Fox Real Time logo on Fox News Channel” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Like a lawnmower that’s almost out of gas, Jon Stewart is revving his engine in his last days as host of the Daily Show.

Stewart turned his blades of sarcasm on his favorite target, Fox News. In the days following the Department of Justice’s report that Officer Darrin Wilson should not be charged with murder of Mike Brown, Fox News took the high road and demanded apologies from all the ‘Hands up, Don’t Shoot!’ protesters for causing ‘civil unrest and division’.

Stewart finds it a bit ironic that Fox News didn’t mentioned the Department of Justice found plenty of evidence that major issues of racism and Civil Rights injustices exist in the Ferguson Police Department. It’s also even more ironic that Fox News’ coverage of Benghazi, which was built on lies, was also very destructive and divisive.

What do you think?

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