3 Awesome Tips For Communicating With Your Child


Parents are busy these days with work, bills, schedules, and the endless appointments. This means that every conversation with your children counts to the fullest. It shows a lot of things such as paying attention to what goes on in their lives, problems they may be having at school or with ‘relationships’.

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These are some great tips for first tie parents who are experiencing this kind of thing first hand. The world of talking with children can be frightening and very delicate area of parenthood. So, here’s some great tips for conversing with your children and learning all about what goes on in their little lives when you can’t be there to witness them yourself.

Tip 1: Ask specific questions, especially of younger children. “When they’re in elementary school and are younger, they may not remember specific details. So be sure to ask ‘how was art class?’ ‘How was the field trip?’ ‘How was your friend?’ ‘What happened at lunch?’ ‘Did you eat all your lunch?’ Just really specific things to get them talking,”

If the child is very young, it may be best to talk with his or her teacher about the day to get more specific information around which to frame questions.

Tip 2: Validate them. “You want to make sure that you feel like you’re really interested in what they’re saying; it’s really important to be present,”

Tip 3: Ask follow-up questions.

These are great tips for any parent no matter how much experience with children they may have. Do you have some better tips to get your kid to open up more with you? Let us know in the comments.

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Written by Cadence Appleton


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