Jakks Pacific to release 20 inch Skyward Sword Link


For those of you who may not know, Jakks Pacific is a well-known powerhouse for quality toys, play sets, and figures. With a collection of Zelda merchandise already available, Jakks Pacific is set to release a new 20-inch Skyward Sword Link as part of their Big Figures Line. Any Legend of Zelda fan would love to have this 20 inch Link figure in their collection.

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The exact release date for this and other 20 inch figures is unknown, but the releases will be soon. Other figures in Jakks Pacific’s Big Figure Line (such as the 20-inch Mario figure) are priced around $29 USD, so the price for this sweet Link figure will most likely be around there. This 20-inch Link figure will join other Zelda figures from Jakks Pacific like a 4-inch Skyward Sword Link and Wind Waker micro playsets.

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Written by Cadence Appleton


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