Iowa State and Baylor’s March Madness Defeat Prove Big 12 Is Nothing But a Paper Tiger

10831The Big 12 has always wished it was the ACC and with seven teams in the March Madness tourney this year, those fine folks in flyover country thought they had something special.  But I said it once and I’ll say it again.  The Big 12 is a Mid-major conference at best!

If you put Gonzaga in the Big 12, mark my words Kentucky would have another equal in the undefeated category.  The best of the Big 12, Iowa State, could not fit Cinderella’s slipper and put #14 UAB on the path to finding Prince Charming.  I pity the brackets that put faith in the Big 12.

Now there are those Big 12 fans who will stamp their feet and flail their blue feathered arms as they claim their mighty KU Jayhawks are the true Big 12 champions.  The Jayhawks did win their 11th straight outright conference regular season title and are still somehow ranked in the top 25, even though they lost a whopping 8 games.  Look at all those losses, especially the 32 point loss to Kentucky and the 25 point loss to Temple.

Everyone gets battered by Kentucky, don’t get me wrong, they bring honor to the SEC.  But KU lost by 25 to Temple and they are riding the fumes of past glory.  Their big guy is Perry Ellis, an accomplished player with the moves of Olajuwon and the tenacity of kitten.  Yes, I went there.  Perry Ellis is a great player, but KU needs him to be a power player.  Ellis is finesses and agility, not muscle.

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Since it does not get much better than a kitten with the moves of Olajuwon, let’s wrap this up.  The ‘Paper Tiger’ of the Big 12, Missouri, was considered KU’s greatest rival until their departure to the second best conference in the NCAA, the SEC.  Missouri looks like a high school charity team compared to their SEC contemporaries, yet they were among the most fierce competitors for KU?

Again, the Big 12 wants to play with the big boys, but in this tournament the truth is being revealed.  I say KU may sneak a first round win against NMSU, but there is no way they beat Wichita St or Kentucky.

What do you think?

Written by Zeke Vitale

My opinion is strong but it's all fact!


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