Rise of the Black Pharaohs?

There are very few times I find my self agreeing with Mitt Romney, but after watching PBS’ Rise of the Black Pharaohs  I could see a logical argument for cutting the claptrap on that channel.

There are some historians with a nearly erotic fascination with trying to prove any sign of culture or civilization in Africa is not associated with black people.  Just take a good watch of Ridley Scott’s Exodus: God’s and Kings to see a prime example of the lengths Western culture will extend itself to make sure the history of black people in Egypt is ‘slave’ at worst and ‘Kush’ at best.

There seems to be some basic confusion on how black people may address each other.  Rather than me, good ol’ Bronc from Texas trying to explain this to you readers today, I’ll defer to Rick James.

Shocking to many simpletons out there, just like all Chinese people do not look the same to each other, all black people do not look the same to each other. Things like “Light skinned” “carmel” “dark chocolate” and even “Darknessess” may be used among African-Americans in America to distinguish varying shades of skin of what some just call ‘black’.

I know this for a fact because one, my teammates in football and basketball gave me great lessons and two, my girlfriend of 7 years and her family keep my primed on these vital things.

Whatever the case, I believe there is a historical bias in academia that tries to say just because the ‘Kush’ tribe of the 25th century had exaggerated features and skin tones, that they were the only black people in Egypt. Wrong. Wrong!

Many of the Pharaohs before the 25th dynasty may have very well been what we today would call ‘black’, but unfortunately there are brainwashing documentaries designed to teach otherwise.
[ytvideo videoid=”zVESd1XeNXs”]

What do you think?

Written by Bronco Ranahan


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