Thousands of Salmon Idaho Snow Geese Fall Dead From The Sky On Saint Patrick’s Day

Barack Obama is the sitting US president and thousands of snow geese fell dead from the sky on Saint Patrick’s Day.  images (1)

Wildlife conservationists responded to the ecological disaster early today when reports of 2,000 birds ‘suddenly falling from the sky’ were confirmed.

Specialists from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game workers worked hard to retrieve the carcasses of the birds and examine them.  The birds all suddenly contracted Avian cholera and their bodies had to be incinerated.   A researcher associated with the identification and disposal of the birds confirmed, “Basically, they just fell out of the sky.”

Even more disturbing, when wildlife officials reached area where the birds lay dead, a bevy of eagles were seen feasting upon the fallen carcasses of the snow geese.  Avian cholera is highly contagious, spread by a rare bacteria that can survive in the soil and dead tissue for up to four months.  There is great concern that the bald eagles may have also contracted the illness and could soon fall dead, also spreading the illness to their hatchlings.

The snow geese fell dead near Salmon, Idaho, and were likely migrating to their nesting grounds on Alaska’s Northern coast.

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Written by Abe Goodman

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