The Lion King Rises – A Masterful Dark Knight Parody

Given DC’s recent push to make Superman look like he’s part of Jersey Shore and Batman look like he’s a 90’s era sci-fi tech mogul, my confidence in the titular characters for the upcoming Batman v. Superman law blockbuster is waning.  I dream of a world where Christian Bales gritty, reality based Batman encounters a Superman who can chuck planets and is a true demigod among men, but with the heart of a country boy in the city, would meet the big screen.  But that probably will not happen, because one cannot have a balanced, fun movie like that.

And as us comic fans continue to fret over the upcoming DC venture, there are little pieces of fan-made fun to keep us sane.  The following video was made by a YouTuber Brad Hansen and after watching it, you will see why even Christopher Nolen thought it was pretty awesome.  The voices perfectly sync to the Dark Knight Rises.  Good, very, very good stuff.

[ytvideo videoid=”1NRsPDhyHrc”]

What do you think?

Written by Bronco Ranahan


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