Redditor Catches ‘Failed Hijacking Attempt’ on Flight Out of Dulles

United Airlines Boeing 777 IAD
United Airlines Boeing 777 IAD (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Reddit user purports to have first-hand documentation of an attempted airplane hijacking at Dulles airport.  A plane that was en-route to Denver took off from Dulles Airport late Monday night when a disturbance broke out.

Witness accounts imply the alleged suspect raced toward the cockpit area before several brave passengers took quick decisive action.  Footage of the alleged incident shows several passengers tackling the man and subduing him for authorities.  Claims of a bomb being involved in the incident were unwarranted and a motif for the actions is not available.

According to, a spokesman for United Airlines stated a passenger ‘failed to comply with crew instructions’.





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Written by Bronco Ranahan


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