Benjamin Netanyahu Confirms Palestinian State Will Never Exist If He Is Reelected

English: Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli politician
English: Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli politician (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jerusalem, Israel (BAM) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is fighting to remain Prime Minister of Israel. In the leader’s most recent speech, Netanyahu echoed words that confirm his stance on Palestinian/Israeli relations.

Netanyahu confirmed that if Palestine is allowed to establish a state, it only gives more land for Islamic terrorists to build up bases from which they will attack Israel. Netanyahu all but confirmed Israel would not make peace with Palestine under his watch, as he answered ‘indeed’ when asked if he would never allow Palestine to establish a state.

Netanyahu’s strong stance is seen as a means to garner more support for his Lukud Party, who is trailing behind the Zionist Union in latest polls. March 17th will determine if Netanyahu will remain Israeli Prime Minister.

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Written by Bronco Ranahan


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