What Do Ramen Noodles Look Like Fresh vs Packaged When You Digest Them?

As the legends of old go, one has not had a proper college experience until eating a packet of Ramen noodles.  Bought on the cheap and taking the minimal of culinary skill to make, Ramen noodles have surely become a staple of thrifty living that befits the college life and may even creep into post-Ikea buying real adult life.

And while Ramen is easy to make, cheap and quick to make to boot, there is one pressing question that’s oft overlooked:  is it actually good for you?

According to the following video, we get to see what happens when packaged Ramen hits the body’s digestive system.  We get a side-by-side comparison to fresh noodles.  What do you think?

[ytvideo videoid=”IQlNv2Au-Lg”]

What do you think?

Written by Bronco Ranahan


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