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Pi Day 2015 – Barack Obama Voted In As Illuminati Of The Year, For Efforts to Destroy Jesus and Usher in Age of Liberal Darkness

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obama illuminati of year pi day


Barack Obama, the Pharaoh Son of Apophis, has gained more power today.  In the image above Obama holds the Statue of æpəfɨs from ancient antiquity, one of the most powerful relics known to mankind.

It is said he who holds the æpəfɨs piece shall rule will intense power, so it should be no surprise that the Illuminati voted Obama their superior this year, so that his last year in office will be the one where he holds greatest power over humanity.  Take note of the first five digits of Pi:  3.1415.  Now take note of the day:  3.14.15.

Obama has been given the mantle ‘Pharoah of the Illuminati’, the mantle of Apophis, on the most numerically significant anniversary of Pi day.

obama daylight savings time
Obama completed his Last Rite of Ascension to become the Archilluminati by casting Earth into liberal darkness, one hour earlier on Daylight Saving Time.

Over the last seven years, Obama has done all in his power to erode the foundation of Christian morality on which America was built.  He has destroyed Rugged Individualism, instead ushering in an unprecedented era of socialism that allows lazy people to live a life of luxury (food stamps, free healthcare, free homes).  He supports men defiling men with their vestiges of life, all while married, does not wage endless war against the Armies of Xerxes (Islam), has been caught not praying to God before eating food, openly defies America’s Christian heritage and tradition and is clearly trying to destroy Jesus and reign in a new age of liberal darkness.

Only weeks ago, Obama proved his disdain for America and blood oath to destroy America and God when he voted against the Keystone Pipeline, a measure that would have supported Big Oil and America’s oil futures.

Then only one week ago, Obama cast Earth into liberal darkness, one hour earlier, which I warned as his last Illuminati rite of passage.

Now that Obama holds the ancient Apophis Relic, in the coming weeks we will see him do unimaginable things and wield supernatural powers, that type that was warned about in the Bible’s book of Revelation.

My friends, Receive this wisdom.  Pi is used to calculate the area and circumference of a circle, the very same circle one must used to spell the name OBAMA.  Built within his fated name, we can see the Illuminati symbol of π.


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