Hillary Clinton To Address Email ‘Scandal’ Later Today, Will Not Resign from 2016 Presidential Bid

Hillary Clinton will not resign due to the Republican’s first attempt to smear her name before the 2016 election, at least that is what our political analysts believe.

Clinton will put all of this to rest during a press conference later today from a United Nations conference on women. The ‘scandal’ started because Hillary Clinton allegedly used a personal email server to send messages tied to her duties as Secretary of State.

Critics are saying she used her own email server so she can bypass potential audit by the government. Others are saying that the emails provided an unprecedented ‘security breach’ and I’m sure they are wanting to somehow find out that one of her emails allowed terrorists to know about security in Benghazi. Just watch Fox News: it is a fetish idea on that channel.

Nevertheless, given the Clinton’s track record and familiarity with navigating trumped up political scandals, it would be a shocker to see Hillary fall to something like an email scandal unless she was actually hiding something very salacious in her electronic communiques.

What do you think?

Written by Daniel Bergstein

Investigative reporter and proud defender of a freely unbiased liberal media.


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