Racist Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity Video Surfaces, Chapter Kicked Out of Oklahoma University

[adinserter name=”bigskyright”]Big trouble is brewing at Oklahoma University after a video of Sigma Alpha Epsiolon fraternity members chanting racist phrases surfaced on Youtube.

Officials from Oklahoma University have come out firing upset and mad, making it clear that the actions in the video are not reflective of true community members of their institution of higher learning.

The shocking video, which can be viewed below, allegedly features several SAE members proudly exclaiming racist boasts.
[ytvideo videoid=”RA_CTHZn0Xg”]

Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s national headquarters also took quick, decisive action after receiving alert of the video.

The very disappointing video appeared online and was first posted to social media by a student activist group named Unheard.  The video shows a group of young men exclaiming “There will never be a n—-r at SAE.”

Particularly troubling with many is that the chant is apparently a well-rehearsed and well-known element among members of that particular chapter of SAE, but now many ask if a nationwide probe for various other SAE chapters must take place.

Editor’s Note:  A member of Sigma Phi Epsilon wanted to make clear the SPE should not be confused with Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE).  These are two distinct and different Greek organizations.

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Written by Bronco Ranahan


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