Oklahoma Frat Boys Caught Singing ‘There Will Never Be A N***** In SAE’, Obama Is To Blame


Obama made good, upstanding fraternity members feel “disillusioned” nationwide after he took up for Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin, but did not take up for wealthy, white fraternity members who get targeted and abused by college public safety officers.

Let’s start out with the facts:  racism no longer exists in the United States.  Don’t take my word for it, take the verdict of the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

No matter your political beliefs, you cannot deny the fact that the Supreme Court is infallible on this ruling and their ruling is divine providence.

Before exploring how Obama is to blame for forcing those SAE students to say unkind things and therefore get kicked out of Oklahoma University, let’s first establish a fact:  the chant in the video was a terrible thing.  It was sad that this event was caught on tape and exposed to the world.

But we must get down into the psyche of these students, whose college years have been marred by Barack Obama.  This kids are disillusioned, feeling that the powerful Barack Obama in D.C. is only looking after urban males.  When was the last time Obama said a Caucasian male could be his son?

Kansas Secretary of State Chris Kobach wisely alluded to this fact only days ago.  A caller into a radio show expressed fear that soon, Obama is just going to let young black men run amuck in society, wildly running around and waving their arms, robbing banks and mugging fraternity bros and raiding their women as well.

Kobach agreed with the caller, it is truly feasible Obama is just going to stop prosecuting black people.

It is against this backdrop that the comments the men of SAE made.  We were all young and volatile once, our words easily escaping the speed of reserved thought that is concocted in our minds.  Now I’m not saying we have to condone with the boys said, but be more sympathetic.  If Obama was a better president toward all people, not just ‘boys who could be my son’, then we wouldn’t see these types of outbreaks in our nation’s schools.

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