Barack Hussein Obama – Cause of Death for America


obama 2 propaganda

My dear friends, the United States of America is in peril.  Jesus Christ, our nation’s Heavenly Father, must weep every day as he watches this One Nation Under God fall into a cesspool of debauchery and sin:  gay marriage, legal marijuana, failure to destroy the sons of Xerxes (ISIS, Iraq and Iran) and a anti-Christian pharisee named Barack Obama as president.

obamas vision for america

Yes, Obama will not be happy until he stands smiling before the White House, an ISIS flag waving overhead and Americans powerless to stand against his third term in office.

Obama’s end goal is to destroy Jesus and reign in a new age of liberal darkness.  What better way to do this than allowing ISIS in America, which Obama is trying to do through his Immigration and Dream Act.

Obama wants to allow ISIS members to sneak into America like illegal Mexicans, to have anchor babies and then to force taxpayers to pay for their education.  Within a generation, ISIS will be running for American offices.

Beware, Obama.

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