Enraged Nancy Pelosi Tears Through Capitol, Curses Netanyahu’s Visit to DC

nancy pelosi angry netanyahu


Shocked Congressional leaders could only flee in panic after Senate Minority Leader (D., Calif.) Nancy Pelosi became enraged during Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Washington, DC.

pelosi growing angry with netanyahu
A glowering Nancy Pelosi looks on with steeping rage as Benjamin Netanyahu gives a speech before Congress in Washington, D.C.

Sources reveal Pelosi’s anger grew slowly by slowly throughout the speech, much like a kettle of water being watched.  Every time Netanyahu made a remark, a glowering Pelosi refused to give any applause.  As soon as the speech ended, Pelosi let out a primal shriek and tore out of the chamber.

As Pelosi’s abilities of verbal communication quickly diminished in her primal state, she said of John Boehner “It is out of the ordinary that the speaker would decide that he would be inviting people to a joint session without any bipartisan consultation!”

Commentators could only look on and not expect the full magnitude of Pelosi’s boiling rage.

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After calming down after her rage through the chamber doors and through DC, Pelosi confirms she ‘was in tears’ due to her anger over Netanyahu’s visit to Washington.

It is hard to estimate the damage done by Pelosi’s fit of rage, but we can estimate it has cost more strain on the relationship between the US and Israel.

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Written by Abe Goodman

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