Angry Obama Threatens To Shoot Down Israeli Jets, Vows War Against Judeo-Christians

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Barack Obama’s war against America’s Judeo-Christian legacy has come to all new heights:  Obama threatened to shoot down Israeli jets in angry response to Benjamin Netanyahu’s historic visit to America this week.

While many liberal media outlets are shocked by this report and are trying to do damage control, since 2007 it has been well documented that Obama has Islamic influence in his life.  Plain and simple, Obama is sympathetic to Islamic terrorists and has been an apologist for them for years.  Why else is he not leading the charge to nuke an anti-Israel Iran?

It is important to understand that America’s destiny is tied with that of Israel.  Any fans of the Bible understand that in the end times, those of Christian and Jewish faith will stand together to battle the armies of darkness.  In that light Obama’s failure to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear arms is quite clear:  he is trying to give the forces of darkness, the terrorists, an advantage against countries with Judeo-Christian destiny.

Benjamin Netanyahu bravely ignored Obama’s warnings, knowing he had to reach out to sympathetic Republicans who are standing brave against Obama’s Draconian rule of America.  Obama has taken presidential powers far beyond their original intent, allowing terrorists to flee into America under the guise of ‘immigrants’ to forcing brave soldiers to withdraw from Iraq, where ISIS is now enjoys terrorizing a land without protection from America.

Only moments of Netanyahu’s speech he received a cryptic text from Obama’s secret schutzstffel. The text warned Netanyahu, “Go home, child”. These words are not that of respect but rather a man who is out of control and mad with power.

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Written by Abe Goodman

Champion of American values and spreading morality to the unsaved world. And if you don't like that, you can just get out of my country smart-alack.


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