Simulation of Asteroid Hitting Earth Proves We Need More NASA Funding

While we go through our day to day lives, relatively comfortable and not thinking of our happy home in space, there is always a change that a deadly asteroid could be hurtling towards us.

Despite all of our technological progress, we are still very weak and fragile.  Try turning off your home’s power during a blitz of harsh winter weather and you get a small taste of what life would be like for humans without technology.  That is to say, things we just assume we shall have on a daily basis are not guaranteed.  Life is precious and fragile.

As such, it would seem that since we have the ability to explore space and reach out to other planets, potentially finding new resources to aide in our survival while developing technology that could take humans to other worlds and increase our species’s odds for survival, we would do so instead of bickering over things like religion.

To put it all in perspective, here is a simulation of what it would look like to have an asteroid smash into Earth.  Suddenly, an investment in NASA seems like a better alternative to spending 1.15 trillion dollars on several jets to bomb people who have differences in religious ideology. [ytvideo videoid=”bU1QPtOZQZU”]

What do you think?

Written by Pete McAlister

Humans are the most flawed of all living creatures, but we have the biggest egos.

The next time your ego gets to big, eat some T-bell and feel civilized as you are cleaning your backside an hour later!

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