Oculus Virtual Reality Pokémon Game in The Works


oculuspokemonPokémon fans from around the world need to know (if they don’t already) that there is a very god chance that the next generation of Pokémon games as well as video games in general could become oculus virtual reality. Pokémon fans have wanted an RPG-like Pokémon game for some time now and how awesome would it be if that happened within the next generation of Pokémon?

The oculus virtual reality gives the player the perspective of the hero/heroine in the games. Though, the graphics may not be the greatest in this preview, the game is in the works and the system, in general, is in testing phases.

This preview of the oculus virtual reality has been one of the better previews using the technology. By combining an oculus rift camera lens and virtual reality environments, these young men and women of the Pokémon Fusion Art Academy and the Anime Memes community have re-created the world of Pokémon. So, needless to ask, would you play this new generation of game console?

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