Winter satanic ritual in Texas worshiping the chupacabra


For 7 years there has been a pagan festival like none other going on in Texas. Hundreds of people descend upon this ritual ground once a year to worship the mystical chupacabra creature. This year I went to partake and see what all the hype was about.

Upon entering the grounds you drive over a bridge that has the huge satanic pentagram in the cement. Once over the bridge you are met by the “greeters” to teach you their evil pagan ways. These greeters hug you and welcome you “home” as one of them.


After setting up the tent I went exploring around the Pagan ritual grounds. I found many different alters and worshiping places for their evil doings. These places had very weird symbols covering them and animal bones. People would gather around these places and probable contemplate new ways to try and spread their evil doings.


Throughout the grounds camps would have activities going on consisting of doing drugs, drinking alcohol, making hypnotizing music, showing pornography, and acting upon violence! One camp even was giving kids weapons to use on one another and others. Drugs and alcohol were very openly being used and carried around . Attendees were wearing whatever they wanted, some even naked! Guys wearing dresses or lingerie, girls barley having anything on at all and all of them high on all types of drugs.

At night the lights came on. All over the camp ground strobe lights, mufti colored lazors, and pounding hypnotic bass music. Everyone offering drugs and dancing wildly all around the giant mammoth that would be set on fire the final night. Now, there were chupacabra symbols and themes everywhere, they very obeously idolized it as a god. To make the chupacabra happy they perform this festival and build a stature to be burned. The chupacabra chooses what that statue represents and this year it wanted the mammoth to burn.

On the last day of the 3 night drug beige everyone is on they set this giant wooden mammoth on fire. That’s right, a huge fire around a lot of people that are out of their minds and intoxicated. Thankfully I don’t believe anyone was hurt and after it fell to the ground everyone ran around it crazily like wild animals.



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Written by Jane Dash


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