Leonard Nimoy Explains The Origin of the Vulcan ‘Live Long and Prosper’ Hand Gesture

[adinserter name=”bigsky”]In tribute of the Leonard Nimoy and his role in modern culture, we take a look into the character that brought the revered actor into our lives:  Mr. Spock.

Mr. Spock, an alien who assisted a multiethnic group of humans from Earth, helped shatter cultural barriers on actual Earth by making television viewers consider an advanced space ship who had an African American female, a Japanese helmsman and a Russian all working together with others to seek out new life and civilization.

For its time, only twenty years after an executive order placed Japanese people in interment camps, America in a Cold War with Russia and African-Americans demanding equal Civil Rights in a country their forefathers helped build from nothing, Star Trek was monumental in ways that transcend simple entertainment.  Nimoy’s Spock was a huge tenet of the show’s success and ability to inspire a generation to think forward to a future when humanity could look beyond itself to the point of working with ‘pointy eared, green blooded aliens’.

But what is up with the Vulcan hand gesture?  Why not let one of the greatest actors of all time answer this question:

[ytvideo videoid=”RrdF3bXupF0″]

What do you think?

Written by Abe Goodman

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