Since Women’s Stomachs Connect to their Cervix, We Can Use Mini Cameras and Baking Soda to Treat HPV-origin Tumors

[adinserter name=”bigskyright”]One of the biggest lies in modern medicine is that it is necessary for college-aged women to get the HPV vaccine. Liberal doctors will try to scare you up and convince you that the Human papillomavirus is a great danger to your daughter, but that is all a big bag of lies from Obama’s growing pharmaceutical machine that wants to produce a new generation of promiscuous, dependent welfare mothers.

There is one key to understand about female anatomy: there is a direct path from the female stomach to the cervix. Now liberals will try to lie and berate this sound science in the name of money, but keep in mind these are the same people who pay off PhDs to claim there is global warming. Look outside: most of the US is covered in a blizzard right now, so obviously the ‘global warming’ “facts” are not holding up to empirical evidence.

[adinserter block=”1″]There is an easy way to keep track of a woman’s gynecological health without being invasive: it is the swallowing of miniature, barium-detecting cameras. Modern medicine can use these small barium cameras to produce 3d internal imaging of the body. Since there is a route that brings the gastrointestinal tract via way of the lateral fistula of the cervix, these cameras can capture amazingly detailed images to show if there are any abnormal polyps, tumors or even recent use of this region.

If any abnormalities are detected, a strong wash with baking soda can be used to usually remove any malignant microbes or pathogens. Such science makes it prudent that women just simply go in once a month, get a video swallow and a baking soda cleanse. If your college student is on your insurance, you should feel free to tell her doctor that you have to be notified of the results. If there is any evidence of an HPV induced growth, you know your daughter is using her free time to do sinful things at college and you can stop paying her tuituion if she doesn’t change her ways.

If your wife is doing such, you know she is a cheater and have great evidence to use in divorce court. If everything comes out okay, that means you have a moral family who is in good health. This is medicine and science as the way it was intended to be used. To build the family, morals and health.

This Week in Science for Today’s Christian: Women’s Health. Tune in next week when Abe reviews proper usage of the human body in heteronormative pairing.

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Written by Abe Goodman

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