Stray Dog Sniffs Jared Leto, Pees on Red Carpet at 2015 Oscars

dog red carpet pee[adinserter name=”bigsky”]A funny moment took place at the 2015 Oscars after a stray dog briefly ran onto the red carpet and sniffed Jared Leto.  Onlookers who caught the random moment state the dog, “instantly struck a pose and proceeded to pee near an Oscar statue after smelling Leto”.

Leto, who is slated to appear as ‘The Joker’ in DC’s upcoming Suicide Squad movie, is rumored to not shower every day to get ready for his ‘insane’ role.

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Written by Dmitri Luca

Lifestyle editor for Big American News. If you're free this weekend, catch me at the Whisky. Lead singer for Veil Wolff and the Satan Scepters.


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