Obama Letting ISIS Into America Under New Immigration Law, Christians and Jesus at Risk for Destruction

obama isis letting in

ISIS terrorists are mixing in with Syrian refugees, and then using Obama’s Dream Act immigration law as a path to sneaking into America.

ISIS terrorists have found a loophole in Obama’s new immigration policy and are using it to sneak into America so they may reign destruction upon Christians and destroy Jesus.

Officials warn that “it [is] virtually impossible to screen out terrorists that could be hiding among the thousands of Syrian ‘refugees’ heading soon to American cities” and are calling Obama’s new immigration law a ‘backdoor policy for Jihadists’.

Obama is trying to allow Syrians to enter the United States and become citizens under his new Immigration Law.  Senior officials have issued a strong warning that even though 4 million Syrian women and children are refugees right now, ISIS is hiding among them and ready to use Obama’s immigration law as a means to enter America and destroy Christianity with terror and destruction.

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Written by Abe Goodman

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