Eddie Murphy Gives Awkward Performance on SNL 40th Anniversary



Comedian Eddie Murphy was to be once of the featured stars of tonight’s SNL 40 reunion. While many Internet detractors claim SNL has not been funny in years, well, they may have a point.

In the course of 40 years the cast of SNL has changed quite a bit with culture. Many feel the show may have already run through its Golden Era of great comedians and writers, while faithfuls say the show still has plenty of funny left.

Eddie Murphy apparently felt he was on stage to be acknowledged as a funny comedian who first starred on the show 35-years-ago. Chris Rock waned poetic about the inspiration Murphy has been to comedians and to the show, which Lorne Michaels hopefully appreciates after his 90’s David Spade skit that poked fun at Murphy’s ailing career.

Since that time, Murphy allegedly had some blood bad with SNL and perhaps his performance was just a matter of him showing up to New York for the weekend’s All Star Game and being nice enough to stop by the ol’ stopping grounds. Murphy seemed to have his serious ‘Heir to Zamunda’ face on and was not in a joking mood.

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