Gay Marriage Is Causing Heterosexual Strangers to Rip Each Other’s Clothes Off and Fornicate


For every one gay marriage, 9 hetero marriages are destroyed.   Since Obama took office in 2009, the National Bureau of Economics confirms that over 20% of Americans are actually gay.   This number is ten times greater than the 2% homosexuality rate in America during the historic Bush era.

In the shocking footage you will soon watch, Chula Vista news reports on two people who were overcome with wanton libido – a hallmark of the free swinging gay marriage lifestyle – and are the victim of living in proxy to gay marriage.  Before we explore this salacious story, it is important to state the fact that as gay marriage and lifestyle continues to spread and defile human’s sense of monogamy and proper gender attraction, we will see more things like this taking place.

Once the symbol of America's power of capitalism and lifestyle, shopping malls have fallen from a status icon of the Reagan era and are now being used as primo recruitment grounds for agents of homosexuality.
Once the symbol of America’s power of capitalism and lifestyle, shopping malls have fallen from a status icon of the Reagan era and are now being used as primo recruitment grounds for agents of homosexuality.

Our Family Research Council finds data that supports the trends.  It seems gays are actively recruiting straight men and women to their lifestyle.  The Gay Propaganda Machine is in full power, particularly in the area of social media.

Employing impressive mastery of snark, viral grassroots marketing and household-friendly celebrities, the gays have taken mastery of social media sites like Twitter and and traditional media like NBC, ABC and CBS.  Our culture is inundated in the gay lifestyle and more and more, people are falling into it.

In the lead-in story for this expose, we explore an occurrence where a man allegedly walked up to a woman he didn’t know and began to kiss her and touch her in sinful ways, just like you would expect to see on any street corner of West Hollywood.

[adinserter block=”2″]Normally, you would expect the woman to call out for help in this situation, but the greater shock is she responded with uncouth movements of her own.

Peterson said the two kept their clothes on for the first 15 minutes. Then, she overheard the man convince his new friend to take their relationship to the next level. He stripped off all his clothes, and she kept her skirt on.

“Her legs were in the air, and the guy was on top,” said Peterson. “We were just so shocked, our mouths were just opened.”

Security never showed up, so Peterson called police.

Gay Recruitment in the Modern Era

As gay marriage continues to spread in America there will be a cultural shift of moral normalcy.  Things that we consider normal and moral today will be lost upon a new generation.  Soon, it will not be considered impolite for a stranger – male or female – to walk up to your spouse and just grab them in the privates.

It will be no different than two dogs sniffing each other’s hind quarters in an accepted social convention that means ‘hello’ to them.

At malls across the nation, security guards will tell you of bathroom stalls that have holes drilled into them so that someone can take a ‘glory hold’ of someone else.  With fresh, stress and primed college students away from home for the first time, this makes the mall an ideal recruiting spot.  They peak through these halls and offer to ‘turn trick favors’ for free, forever branding shame and confusion upon the young adults in this nation.

This is just one of many reasons why gay marriage is increasing.  They are fighting an organized battle to make a cultural shift of morality.  The data indicates that society is heading in a direction away from morals and instead one where we give into our primal instinct.

What do you think?

Written by Cal Warren

Energy, food, and water is not a human right, it should be privatized. Until we realize that fact, scarcity will produce countless wars that while profitable, shall continue to plague humanity.

- Cal Warren Oils future capitalist and Big American News contributor.


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