The ‘Great Blizzard of 2015 Was All A Part of Obama’s Global Warming Plot To Destroy Earth and Jesus

If you live in the Northeastern United States, look outside.  Obama’s National Weather Service told you today should have looked something like this:


But instead, this is what you’ll probably see:


So, why is it that we were all prepared for the worst blizzard in the history of Western civilization?

The answer is quite simple:  Barack Hussein Obama.

Weeks ago, scientists from NASA revealed the Earth is actually the hottest it has ever been.  2014 was the warmest year on record.  Even today, throughout the heartland of America temperatures will reach 71 degrees.   Why is the Bible Belt of America suffering summer heats in January, while Obama is trying to distract everyone with smoke-and-mirror horror stories ‘of the coming blizzard’.

Think about all the images of Obama, from before he was president.  We’ve all seen the pictures of him growing up in Kenya, smiling a relaxed grin as he soaked up the heats of the Sun in the Serengeti.   There’s shirtless Obama living it up in Hawaii and he’d love nothing more than to turn the thermostat of Earth up a little more, so his buddy Satan can help him rule in an fiery dark age without Jesus.

Obama is purposefully trying to melt the polar ice caps, so world order can be destroyed.  Obama knows that not one man can overturn natural order of politics unless there is major disaster.  He only has two more years to carry out his plans, so it is not surprise that 2013 and 2014 were dangerously hot and the polar ice caps are melting faster now than ever.

New York cannot even get a decent blizzard any more!  When was the last winter where any states of the Northeast went so long without a proper snowfall!  Use your common sense, good friends, the Earth is getting warmer and that is exactly what Obama wants.

If the polar ice caps melt, Los Angeles is defeated by tidal waters and famine strikes nations who stop getting rainfall and river water, Obama can declare an international state of emergency, a situation where he gets absolute control of NATA, the UN and America’s Army.  From there, it will be a cake walk for him to destroy America, democracy, Jesus and your family, if you are moral people.

Beware, my friends.  The Great Blizzard of 2015 was more than a miscalculation.  It is just more proof of Obama using sophisticated propaganda to distract you from his true sinister machinations.

What do you think?

Written by Annabelle Goodman

As for me and my country, we WILL serve the Lord! And if you don't like that, you can just get out smart alack!


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  1. So what’s the most inconvenience the not great blizzard caused you? Stocked up on groceries? Covered your pipes? “Obama is purposefully trying to melt the polar ice caps” how? Has he figured out a way to harness the BS HOT AIR COMING FROM NUT JOBS LIKE YOU?

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