Obama Forces Boy Who Went To Heaven To Say It Was All A Lie

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Obama continues his war against Christians.

Obama’s war to destroy Jesus, Christian and Americans has gone to all new atrocious levels. In an almost shocking move, Obama has forced the little boy who went to Heaven to say it was all a lie.

Sources close to Obama’s administration said Obama paid the boy a phone call and made it clear his family may all ‘get sent to Heaven’ if he didn’t recant the entire story.

Obama created the scandal and it forced Tyndale House to pull the excellent “The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven” book that told about his experience.

The book from 2010 describes the boy’s experience in Heaven as his mortal body lay in a coma following a car accident.

Details in the book inspired millions of people, as the child’s vivid descriptions of Heaven told details about eternal kingdom of God.

Obama is encouraging everyone to go to the Pulpit and Pen Web site, where in part we find Alex state: “I did not die. I did not go to Heaven.”



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