Stuart Scott Dead at 49 After Brave Battle Against Cancer


The sports world lost a legend, class act, icon and model of a great man today.  The great Stuart Scott passed away from cancer.  The ESPN announcer was only 49-years-old.

One can go on and on about the accolades from Scott’s storied career, but his greatest achievement was the true loves of his life:  his two daughters.

Scott went on record to say being a dad is the best thing he was ever able to do.  “Taelor and Sydni, I love yo uguys more than I will be able to express.  You two are my heartbeat.  I am standing her on this stage tonight because of you.”

Scott also did not believe in having his battle with cancer dependent on his survival.  His battle was living life to the very end.  News that Scott even had cancer is catching many on social media off guard.

That outlook on life defines Scott’s mindset and why he is such a great, inspirational person.  Between cancer sessions, Scott is known to have undergone intense MMA training.  Just because his body had cancer, Scott was not going to let that condition rule him.  This way of life is something that can speak on to generations:  never give up.  Never let adversity define what you can do with your life.

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