Idina Menzel’s Milli Vanilli “Let It Go” Scandal Shocks Millions of Fans

idina menzel lip sync
Idina Menzel battles back against a scandal bigger than Milli Vanilli’s lip-sync at the Grammy Awards.

A major scandal is rocking the world of millions of Frozen fans, the likes that haven’t been seen since the fall of pop act Milli Vanilli.

Several days ago “Let it Go” singer Idina Menzell wowed crowds with a horrible rendition of her hit song from Disney’s Frozen.  The off-key number confirmed what some Internet conspiracy theorists had long guessed:  Menzel is a lip-syncer.

Menzel came out firing at her detractors, defending both her off-key performance of “Let it Go” and the accusations that she is not a very good singer.  Some desperate fans claimed that it must have been the wickedly talented Adele Dazeem, surely not Idina Menzell, singing the out-of-tune butchering of a supposed Disney classic.

On a personal note, I’m throwing shade at “Let it Go”, generally speaking.  Sure, it is a cute anthem and as sure as millions of men would anxiously whiff a whispering gust from the backside of Angelina Jolie, parents of toddlers find it cute to see their little Princesses and Princes belt out this tune.

But in either case, I just don’t see the appeal.  The song is a mediocre motivational anthem performed by a decent singer.  I don’t think Menzel is a faker like Milli Vanilla, but maybe she is.  Whatever the case, if you want to hear a great song that is worthy of all the praise this damned Frozen anthem is getting, listen to Whitney Houston.

If you want a timeless classic, listen to Angela Lansbury’s singing of the theme song from Beauty and the Beast.  A song cannot be a classic and still be relatively nascent, you rascally media brigands.

That is the conclusion of my article. See for yourself.

[HD] Idina Menzel – Let It Go – Rockin Eve 15 by IdolxMuzic



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Written by Sebastian Zambini

Lifestyle and investigative fashion columnist.


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