Dad Beats Drunk Guy On The Beach For Missing With His Daughters

A good general rule of thumb for life is ‘thou shalt not mess with a man’s daughters, especially if you are within proxy of the man’s fist/sword/wrath/musket.’

Those of us who watched Mel Gibson’s ‘The Patriot’ saw a movie based on that theme.  An entire regiment of British troops met their maker because one British colonel decided to mess with some colonist’s kids.

This drunken guy is receiving a good ol’ fashioned continental beat down from an angry Dad.   He should have known better than showing up drunk to a beach and messing with a man’s daughters.    Done.

What do you think?

Written by Annabelle Goodman

As for me and my country, we WILL serve the Lord! And if you don't like that, you can just get out smart alack!


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