Why Use Google, When Jesus Has All The Answers?

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English: President George W. Bush and President-elect Barack Obama meet in the Oval Office of the White House Monday, November 10, 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As we celebrate a new year that brings humanity one step closer to freedom from Barack Hussein Obama’s dark liberal reign and agenda to destroy Jesus, there are many questions that plague the mind.

Why was Obama allowed to win two terms as president?  Why was he allowed to torment Christians with Ebola and androids designed to hunt down Christians?

These pressing questions and others rage through the moral man’s mind, but there is a truth-in-question that I have for you today, my dear friends and good readers.

Why use Google, when Jesus has all the answers?

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It is common to hear someone say, “Just Google it,” when you have a question.  And while Google is a wonderful product of Judeo-Christian genius, it does not have all the answers.

Google cannot tell you the exact blueprint Obama has drawn up to arrange the destruction of Western civilization.  Such questions are beyond Google’s basic logic and definitely beyond the delusional reporting of the liberal media that plagues that top search results in the engine.

But when you ask Jesus and question, he lets you know the answer in your heart.

Why is Obama allowed to reign in two terms?  Simple.  We are living in cruel day, evil hours.  The Bible warns that men like Obama would reign in the end of days.

Why was Obama allowed to use his power and knowledge to plague humanity with Ebola?  Again, the Bible tells us that great plagues shall fall upon the Earth, that the foundations of Earth shall rumble (liberals blame it on fracking, but it is really Obama’s fault for being the harbinger of Armageddon).

Finally, why is Obama setting the stage for a great Helter Skelter battle between Christians and nons.  That is quite simple.

But instead of me telling you the answer, just close your eyes and pray.  In your heart, you will know the answer.

What do you think?

Written by Annabelle Goodman

As for me and my country, we WILL serve the Lord! And if you don't like that, you can just get out smart alack!


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