Researchers Release Picture of Ebola ‘Patient Zero’, Contracted Ebola ‘Playing in Bat Tree’

patient zero ebola outbreak

WHO researchers in Liberia have isolated ‘patient zero’ in the deadly outbreak of Ebola that plagued multiple countries in 2014.  Researchers believe the patient and his two-year-old son contracted Ebola after being bitten by fruit bats located in a thicket of trees outside their village.

Isaiah 26:19-20

19 Your dead shall live; their bodies shall rise.

Ganta, Liberia –  Officials in Liberia have confirmed patient zero in the most recent Ebola outbreak was bit by infected bats.  The site of transmission took place outside Ganta, Liberia, where Ebola continues to infect and kill people in proxy to the region.

Kwame Danfube, and his two-year-old son Charles Danfube, were picking fruit from a sustained orchard outside their village near Ganta.  A colony of bats in a nearby tree were spooked and swarmed the father and son, soon clouding about them and delivering several scrapes and bites.

{adinserter 2}The father and son went to a local doctor and were ruled to have superficial scratches that were treated via antibiotic and also endured a short regimen of rabies shots.  While Charles made a full recovery, Kwame Danfube passed away.  Villagers assumed that his symptoms and death were the result of rabies.

Charles Danfube continued to mingle with others in the village with a fever and other symptoms locals thought were related to his body recovering from rabies.  Now researchers fully believe the child actually had Ebola, is patient zero and may have infected hundreds of people through casual contact.

Some officials in the Liberian government are still accusing the United States of creating Ebola as a bioweapon to use for future wars.  Ebola continues to ravage nations in Western Africa, with some 16,000 active infections in Sierre Leone and Liberia alone.

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