Ridley Scott Casts Christian Bale to Play Martin Luther King, Jr, in new ‘I Have a Dream’ Movie Blockbuster

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The black community is outraged after today’s announcement that Christian Bale has been cast to play Martin Luther King, Jr., in Ridley Scott’s 2016 epic, “I Have a Dream:  The Battle of American Destiny”.

The biopic will chronicle King’s tumultuous journey from childhood in segregated Georgia and all the way through adulthood, where he fought to inspire a nation, overcome hundreds of years of oppression and achieve final ascension into martyrdom after being fired upon by assassins.

Internal rumors suggest the movie will elaborate on the theory that King’s death was tied into the deaths of John F. Kennedy (played by Jake Gyllenhaal) and Robert Kennedy, orchestrated by officials with close ties to former President Lyndon B. Johnson.  The implication is that somewhere in the higher echelons of the world’s political and economic powers, King was seen as a hero on a journey to forever change the destiny of mankind.

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The Reverend Al Sharpton joined with Jesse Jackson and others to angrily denounce Ridley Scott’s decision to have a white actor play Martin Luther King, Jr, in an upcoming biopic. Several Hollywood executives have come out to support Scott, citing that ‘all major Civil Rights movement was pretty much orchestrated by white people, including Martin Luther King.”

The Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson led a rally early Sunday morning.  During the rally, Jackson gave a speech in which he said the movie, “Does a great disservice to the legacy of Dr. King, to his family, to this country, to this Earth and to great God above.”

A raucous crowd did not dissuade several key Hollywood and media executives from thinking this movie would be bad in any way.

Fox News chief Rupert Murdoch was the first to denounce King and Sharpton’s petition to cast someone other than Christian Bale to play Martin Luther King.

“Since when are Egyptians not white,” Murdoch asked our reporters.

“African-Americans of today are delusional.  Egyptians were not white and the Civil Rights movement was only possible because the white Irish Catholics, the Jewish community, the Anglo-Christian households.  White America ushered in the new era of equality that all minorities currently enjoy, this movie captures those pivotal moments.”

{adinserter 1}Scott and other producers seemed surprised by the outrage.  “When you look at King and his articulation, you know that deep down this was a white man trapped under the yolk of melanin.  Visually and artistically, Christian Bale frees king to be his true form with his every appearance on screen.   He was a powerful Moses and he will be a powerful Dr. King.”

Reverend Al Sharpton reports a January 19th protest is planned at Mann’s theater in Hollywood.

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Written by Annabelle Goodman

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