White Missouri Cop Kills Armed Black 18-Year-Old


Berkeley, Missouri – Violent riots broke out last night after a white police officer shot an armed black 18-year-old male, only a few miles away from where Officer Darrin Wilson shot Michael Brown.

{adinserter 1}The backstory to this incident started when a Saint Louis police officer responded to a report of a robbery at a Quick Trip located only a few miles from where Officer Darrin Wilson infamously shot 18-year-old Michael Brown.

The officer found two suspiciously black men in the area and immediately questioned them down.  One of the men instantly pulled out a gun, forcing the officer to open fire.    The officer fired his gun multiple times and killed the threatening gunman.

Saint Louis Police Chief Jon Belmar says riots instantly broke out after the shooting.  There are no details available that indicate if the two men actually robbed the Quick Trip, if the officer pulled his gun on them while questioning them and the exact circumstances of the confrontation.

Belmar says police were called about a theft and as the officer questioned two men, one pointed a gun at him. The officer fired three shots. One hit the gunman.

A violent protest broke out. Two officers were injured, police cars were damaged and fire was set at a QuikTrip store. Four people were arrested.

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Written by Annabelle Goodman

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