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Are Basketball Players Wimps in the Professional field Compared to Hockey Players?

I’m not one for sports, but the news is hard to miss when you see two very different people who play very different sports suffer similar injuries and one being carried off by medical staff and the other is fighting them off. We’ve all heard about how Lebron James was carried off of the court after suffering a massive leg cramping session during a game.


Let us not forget the Pistons‘ player who was out for three weeks due to tooth pain. How does that work? How does one get permission for three weeks off because of tooth pain. At the very most he should’ve received four days off; two to take care of it and two days for rest! That is my non-professional opinion on that tooth pain incident.


And then there’s the amazing stamina and pain threshold of the standard Hockey player. No matter the country, state, or team from which these tough guys hail, every last one is twenty times more equipped to handle a leg cramp, getting punched in the face, and then skating off like nothing happened than any NBA Professional. Hockey players don’t wait for the dentist during the game; they are the dentist. They pull that tooth out right then and there and then pretend they didn’t even get hit in the face in the first place.

As I stated above, I’m not one for sports, but the comparison between these two sports and the players that are hired to play are on such different scales in terms of how they are treated and how they are dealt with when faced with injuries on the playing field. Why should NBA players be handled “delicately” and Hockey players just grin and bear it?  Should players be handled differently than the current rules allow for these kinds of things?

What do you think?

Written by Cadence Appleton


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