Barack Obama Tells African Nation “Cancel Christmas Or More Ebola Is Heading Your Way”


{adinserter 2}Freetown, Sierra Leone – Sierra Leone said today that it is cancelling Christmas celebrations after Barack Obama’s warning that, “Any Christmas celebrations in Sierra Leone will result in more Ebola for everyone there.”

Obama advised the government of Sierra Leone to deploy soldiers throughout the streets to ensure Christmas is not being celebrated.  Several Christian groups in the country reported that after venturing into the streets to sing carols, they were eventually beaten by soldiers and threatened with arrest.

The country still allows public prayers directed toward Mecca.  Officials on the inside of the government said that Obama has a history of oppressing Christians in the nation and is trying to turn it toward a purely Islamic state.

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Written by Cal Warren

Energy, food, and water is not a human right, it should be privatized. Until we realize that fact, scarcity will produce countless wars that while profitable, shall continue to plague humanity.

- Cal Warren Oils future capitalist and Big American News contributor.


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