Barack Obama Sabotages Big Oil, Causes Prices to Drop Below $1.99 a Gallon


Barack Obama has once again rounded the peasants and armed them with daggers, so they may repeatedly stab Emperor Oil right in the back.

News of Obama’s latest betrayal came to me as my good friend Dmitry Dankskova from Russia reported that overnight, the Central Bank of Russia was forced to raise the interest rate from 10% to 17%.  The ruble is now weaker, trading at 64 rubles to $1 USD, doubling in worthlessness overnight.

The same fate is true for all oil producing nations.  Obama has conspired with his ISIS allies to lower the price per barrel.

At the gas pump, US consumers are happy to see these lower prices right during the holiday season.  But do not be fooled, my friends.  Obama hates Christmas and if he had it his way, we’d all spend Christmas day praying east toward Mecca.  Do not forget that Barack Obama advised an African nation to cancel Christmas several days ago.

It is important to remember that America’s security and prosperity is all due to oil.  Before the American standard switched from gold to oil, we lived in a Great Recession.  Since Obama has taken office and promoted anti-american, anti-Oil and therefore anti-god things like green energy, again, we see our nation is suffering a terrible recession.

Obama has destroyed oil futures in Russia and we can see that my friend Dmitry and his family have lost millions of dollars in a day.  His lose will trickle down to his employees that he will now be forced to fire right before the holiday season.  The same will happen here if we do not stop Obama from lowering prices.

The $1.99 low prices are a Trojan horse, America.  Do not be fooled by this false gift.  Until prices are back up and the price per barrel of oil is back up, all of your futures are in grave, grave danger.

What do you think?

Written by Cal Warren

Energy, food, and water is not a human right, it should be privatized. Until we realize that fact, scarcity will produce countless wars that while profitable, shall continue to plague humanity.

- Cal Warren Oils future capitalist and Big American News contributor.


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