Police Brutality At UC Berkeley Student March

Protesters nationwide continue to rally against police brutality.   The latest round of US protests were brought on by the questionable death of Eric Garner, a man who cried out ‘I can’t breathe’ as a gang of six cops rough housed him and one ultimately placed him in an illegal choke hold that killed the unarmed American.

A panel’s decision not to press charges against the officer who subdued, constrained and killed Garner has provoked citizens nationwide and caused large crowds to assemble as far away as Berkeley, California.

The protests at Berkeley come a day after another man was gunned down in Beverly Hills for holding a small whittling knife in his hand.

Students at Berkeley used their right to assemble and peacefully protest, but police apparently do not want students doing such things.  The following video shows the latest plight:

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Written by Alannah Arrington

Alannah Damara Arrington serves as the Senior Editor for Big American News Media's Grabnews Network International (GNI) and Weekend Recap. She joined the network in 2003 and now serves on the board of media directors.


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