Kids React to Power Rangers Will Make You Feel Old

Do you remember getting home from school, hunting down the remote and settling in for some afternoon Power Rangers? That danged Rita Repulsa just always had so many shenanigans to unleash on a daily basis.

Well, while it may seem those days of dial-up internet, phones that only made phone calls and VCRs still being a staple of entertainment were only yesteryear, those days are actually almost two decades ago.

The awesome video that follows shows how the current generation views the ancient Power Rangers television program.

What do you think?

Written by Pete McAlister

Humans are the most flawed of all living creatures, but we have the biggest egos.

The next time your ego gets to big, eat some T-bell and feel civilized as you are cleaning your backside an hour later!

Pete McCalister - Lifestyle and Entertainment Columnist,


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