Obama Admitted to Hospital with ‘Ebola Like Symptoms’



What started out as a light-hearted visit to a local hospital could very well spell chaos and turmoil for the United States.  Only hours ago President Obama checked into a hospital with a sore throat that ‘just would not shake’.  After going through questioning by doctors and nurses, it was determined that President Barack Obama indeed has Ebola-like symptoms.

Only weeks ago Obama was in close contact with Ebola victims.  Hospital insiders also reveal that Obama recently visited family in West and East Africa.  The Ebola is concentrated in Obama’s esophagus and stomach, causing him to have a condition of acid reflux.

Doctors immediately give Obama anti-Ebola vaccine.
Doctors immediately give Obama anti-Ebola vaccine.

Officials at Reed Medical immediately put Obama into isolation, but Obama refused to go on and stayed out signing autographs for patients who didn’t know he was infectious.

Obama then received a cutting edge injection of anti-Ebola vaccine which allegedly ‘near instantly made him feel better’.

Now many are asking what was the miracle vaccine that Obama received.  Obama’s chief physician says the president now only has a mild case of gastric reflux from the infection and expects the symptoms to resolve before the weekend is over.

Researchers warn that even though Obama refuses to stay in isolation that he could be infectious 28 days later.  As Obama left the hospital an eyewitness reports he coughed in the general direction of a choir of Christian Christmas carolers.

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Written by Annabelle Goodman

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