Obama Exploiting Mike Brown To Cause Civil War II And Destroy America Once and For All

obama leading america to new civil warFOR IT IS WRITTEN:

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves. – Abraham Lincoln, 16th Christian president of the United States.

Obama knows well the words of Abraham Lincoln.  No matter how many weapons Obama secretly shares with ISIS, no matter how much he cuts America’s military budget, he will never take away America’s Godly rite to be the most powerful nation on Earth.

And it’s his knowledge of this fact that makes Obama the most dangerously divisive and radical president in America’s history.

Over the last few weeks, Americans have been greatly divided and Obama is to blame.  In major cities all across the nation, we have brothers taking up arms against their brothers, looting and robbing each other in acts of senseless violence.  Obama just stands aside, watching his plans come to fruition.

No matter how many unifying messages of peace that our news affiliates call for, Obama continually stirs the pot.  Instead of accepting that Officer Darren Wilson was innocent from the get-go, Obama sent out Eric Holder to ‘stir the pot’ and create an environment ripe for rioting.

Union officers forced to run away from their burning cars as Obama’s ‘Dark Confederacy” unleashes guerrilla warfare tactics in the city of Ferguson.
Forced to arm themselves in military gear, Brave Union police officers find a brigade of Obama’s Dark Confederacy predictably hanging out in a auto refinance center for people with bad credit.
Civil War in America’s streets.




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Written by Felicity Fallon

News columnist at Big American News.


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