Christian Movie Review – Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer

star wars lightsaber crucifix

 A Dark Sith holds a lightsaber that clearly resembles an upside down crucifix. This fits into Star War’ blatant anti-America and anti-Christian history and fits even more into Obama’s agenda to destroy America.

{adinserter 1}Star Wars is Satan’s tool to brainwash America into celebrating the occult and welcoming darkness into the heart.

When Star Wars was first unleashed to America, a morally bereft president named Jimmy Carter occupied the office of the presidency.  It should come as no shock that the ‘second coming’ of Star Wars comes when the darkest president in America’s history holds the office.

The trailer for Star Wars – The Force Awakens should instantly send up red flags in moral households.  Let us review what we already know about this dark and evil film.

Red Flag #1:  Young Obama Appears

young obama sith jedi star wars
The film wastes no time showing off young Barack Hussein Obama. This film is likely about his journey as a ‘young Sith soldier’ and follows his rise to rule an Empire. Sound familiar?

The film makes its pro-Obama agenda immediately clear.   After a dramatic introduction, a young, sweaty actor who looks exactly like young Barack Obama suddenly appears on screen.  From the landscape we can see it resembles Kenya, where of course President Obama was born.

This ‘reboot’ of the series takes off several generations after Darth Vader and his son, Luke Skywalker, wooed crowds in 1970s America.  Almost right on queue, some 40-years-later, we see this film follows a new ‘young wielder of midichlorians’ in the form of Obama.

For those of you now in the know, midichlorians is Star War’s veiled technobabble for ‘Satan’s power’.  Satan’s power is also called ‘the dark forces’ in this movie, which is a blatant call to the very witchcraft Obama’s genetic people and even himself manifest on a regular basis.

Red Flag #2:  Annoying Merchandise Made in China 

star wars annoying merchandise
Star Wars grooms America’s children to accept 3rd party Chinese-manufactured products like this generic and fake R2D2.

{adinserter 2}Star Wars is no stranger to shoe-horning annoying, kid-friendly characters into the movie so that it can lure kids into theaters.  Be they Ewoks and Jar Jar Binks, they are annoying and represent a strange evolution-Big Bang Theory Agenda.

In the newest movie, the Star Wars producers have one upped their game and combined the liberal notion of letting China create cheap knock-0ffs of American products and mass produce them with no benefit to America.  Look at the Chinese R2D2 in the image above.

It is really just a cheap soccer ball with a beheaded Jibo robot attached to the top if it.   This looks like a group of students from Oaxaca had a film class project due and had to slop something together in 5 seconds.  No fear!  Just get a soccer ball made in China and make a GIF of a robot head floating over it.  Voila!

This type of cheap, underhanded anti-capitalism is why China’s economy is destroying America.  They are creating cheap fakes of our iPhones, our software and even our money, then selling it off online on their knockoff version of Amazon.  Why is Obama not doing anything about all this economic destruction of America!

That knock-off R2D2 is teaching children that it is okay to steal America’s technology and resell it as a cheap knock-off.

Red Flag #3:  Green Energy Flying Cars and Global Warming Propaganda

green energy and foreign cars


We can see that in Earth future, Star Wars wants the audience to believe that Earth’s wars and oil pollution have melted all the icebergs in the universe.  Our future descendants are forced to race across the cosmos in little solar-powered Hyundai Daewoo cheapo cars that don’t run on oil!  It looks like they run on vapor fumes and solar power.

Red Flag #4:  The Force

In films past, we learned that by turning your heart over to darkness, you gain powers far beyond that of those who do good.  This type of thinking is patently Satanic.

In the books of the Bible, we learned that Satan waged war against God and was cast from Heaven and into hell.   Satan convinced the heavenly hosts (similar to those who have ‘midichlorians’ in Star Wars) that there was a universal force that all had (similar to the Holy Spirit) within them, but if you let that spirit turn dark, you would gain powers far beyond that of angels or God (Jedi).

Star Wars preaches that turning your heart over to Satan actually makes you more powerful than the Jedi (angels).  In one disturbing scene, we saw young Anakin Skywalker kill a nursery full of baby Jedi (showing support for abortion).  In other scenes, Count Dookoo, Darth Maul, Darth Vader and Darth Sidious all show Satanic characteristics and are successful in wielding power.

If Obama is just a fledgling troop in the opening scenes (a community organizer from Kenya), then wielding an upside down crucifix by this movie’s end, you know the journey in between will be full of brain washing, illicit lust, celebration of dark forces and cheap marketing of knock-off R2D2’s made in China.

This all perfectly describes what Obama has done to America over the last 6 years.

In the following trailer, you can just see all these things for yourself.


What do you think?

Written by Abe Goodman

Champion of American values and spreading morality to the unsaved world. And if you don't like that, you can just get out of my country smart-alack.


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