Hooligan Black Woman Refuses To Give Up Seat to Tired White Man, Force Police To Arrest Her

Local police protect the public from yet another dangerous black women who refused to show unconditional respect for hardworking white people.

Yet another riotously black woman in the South has refused to follow social order and give up her seat to a white man.  This time the hooligan troublemaker is named ‘Rosa Parks’.

The backstory begins when the suspect decided to take a bus home after a ‘long day’ of performing some random, menial task.  Rosa Parks got onto a bus and sat down in a seat.   All went peacefully until a white man entered the bus.  He was tired and needed a place to sit, and as law and common-sense should have told Rosa Parks, she should have immediately left her seat when he told her to ‘Move!’

Instead of complying with the man’s demands, Rosa Parks refused to move and caused inconvenience to other passengers.  The police were called in and forced to arrest this hooligan for disturbing the peace.  This could have all been avoided if Rosa Parks would have just got off the bus and walked the rest of the way home.  We all know that her people have no trouble going long distances on foot.

Outrage: If it’s not bad enough that black people in Montgomery can now read and write, they are wielding this hurtful signs against business owners and clogging up the streets in their own town. They are now boycotting the bus and hurting this nation’s economy. Why are these people protesting when they are not even slaves anymore? Shouldn’t they be more grateful? Why are they so upset? It make no sense.

Police report that because of this lawful arrest, the community of Montgomery is now in an outrage.

Troublemaker Martin Luther King, Jr., has been calling for marches where the ears are assaulted with ‘spirituals’ that do not even adhere to standard European chord progressions, bucking against convention with accidentals and diminished sevenths in the harmonies.

Even worse these people are threatening to boycott the bus lines and threatening to help bankrupt good, honest businesses.

The people of Montgomery, Alabama, need to realize that societal injustice is proven in a court of law.  The law said Rosa Parks was in the wrong and the evidence supports those facts.

This is just like investigations into suspected harassment of blacks, especially after they accuse police of covering up evidence or making it seem that white people aren’t guilty of burning down black churches in the secret hours of the night or condoning mob acts such as lynching.

Of course if the police do an investigation and say there is no crime, there was no crime.  Police cover-ups never happen.  And that means never.

So these rioters will hopefully soon realize these facts, stop rallying behind ‘victims’ like Rosa Parks and go sit back at home peacefully where they belong, no starting trouble and trying to demand ‘equality’.

Things are as equal as they will ever be, and everyone just needs to live and be happy with those facts.

What do you think?

Written by Felicity Fallon

News columnist at Big American News.


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