Obama Unveils Dalek To Exterminate Jesus and Create A New Age of Liberal Darkness

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obama invents dalak
Obama proudly looks upon Dalek he created to travel back in time to destroy the Nativity, Jesus and wipe out Christianity once and for all. Obama then plans to rule in the age of unforgiving sins and liberal darkness.

Only hours after Congressional Republicans announced they are going to sue Obama and impeach him over Obamacare, Barack Hussein Obama was seen hurrying from the South Doors of the White House where he took Marine One to the One Science Observatory, only one mile away.

Sources close to the Obama administration but loyal to America release the secret image above where we can clearly see that Obama has created a new type of robot.

Sources reveal that Obama calls this robot a “Dalek” and reassured his closest cabinet members, “With this machine we will be able to exterminate Jesus, right in the manger, then we shall truly rule a new age with no Christ, no Christmas and no Christians.  Indeed, I shall protect you from timeline changes and together we will reign in a dark new era where my law is final.”


obama through the ages dalek technology
Obama Through The Ages: In this infographic, we see evidence that Obama has already mastered his DALEK time travel. We can see paintings and sculptures from antiquity showing Obama as Greek philosopher Theodorus the Atheist of Davros, then in Rome as Valentinian III, then in Egypt as Arkhenaten and most recently as Obama in the American Empire.

Liberals view their Godless lifestyle as the supreme philsophy in the universe and thus are on a conquest of universal domination and extermination that transcends space and time. But there is nothing funny about this chilling video where Obama sees an ancient hieroglyph that was drawn of him thousands of years ago, but now he proclaims “That looks just like me!”.

Indeed, Obama and his liberal minions of iniquity seek to destroy Jesus, any traces of Christianity and rule a universe that has no recollection, no written account, no memory of the world’s true savior and God’s people.

Obama seeks to rewrite history and create a future in his own image. Obama wants to rule a world where he is seen as the Dark Savior, a world where gays are free to run amuck and marry whomever they please, a world where even the lazy and those commiting sloth can have money, iPhones and free health insurance, a world where no matter what third world nation and terror upbringing may be your history, you’re free to come to the United States and practice your witchcraft and other world sorcery.

My friends, we must impeach Obama immediately.  We must get him out of office and away from all these gizmos he’s making with the American tax people’s money.  Obama has created a new robot whose agenda is to destroy America and what better way to destroy America than by destroying Christians.

Without Christianity, democracy could never have existed and without democracy, no founding fathers.  Without our founding fathers, no Christian nation to lead the world into space, the future and eventually heaven.

If we do not stop Obama now, this shocking scene below is what will happen on Christmas some 2014 years ago.

obama sneaks in as wiseman, brings dalek with him to nativity scene

What do you think?

Written by Annabelle Goodman

As for me and my country, we WILL serve the Lord! And if you don't like that, you can just get out smart alack!


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