Bill Cosby Daddled Me With His Chocolate Pudding Pops 32 Years Ago

2.thumbnailMy dear friends and readers, I have a hard confession today.  On this day I must join in with all the other people who have been forced to do dastardly things at the hands of Bill Cosby.

For over 30 years, I have stifled my shame and remained silent on the issue, but after realizing Bill Cosby is worth $300 million and had all sorts of possible upcoming show contracts that guarantees my story more media spotlight in the inevitable meltdown, I know my time is now to capitalize off this scandal and share my sad story with you.

The backstory here started outside Atlanta, Georgia.  I was in colledged then and learning me a powerful degree, when my bright future was suddenly ruined at the dark humor of Bill Cosby.

Cosby was at the height of his popularity.  I was a young college student.  After one of his shows at an Atlanta theater, several of my college club brothers were allowed backstage as VIP.  I grew up dirt poor and could not believe that we were invited back.  What luck?!

After we sat in a hallway for a while, Cosby peaked his head from his dressing room door and looked us up and down.  We were wearing all white and I guess looked very pure to him.  He pointed me out individually and motioned for me to come toward the dressing room.  “Came here, son,” Cosby told me.

I went into the dressing room and suddenly was transported into another world.  It was cold and it was dark.  I was alone, I was afraid and wet from sweating.  I needed the money.

I started to feel dizzy and Mr. Cosby asked me, he asked, “Son, would you like some of my chocolate pudding pops?”

I was so very confused and just closed my eyes, “Yes,” I said and just kept feeling so dizzy.  Everything became a blur and before I knew it, my mouth was filled with a sphere like chocolate object.  I took a grasp of it in my hands and in my blurred memory, remember it tasting like chocolate.

I wanted to cry and run away, but my eyes would not open and my legs refused to run.  Cosby then said to me, “You know, there was a point in time that I could not even sit in the same room as white college boys.  Now you guys are coming to my show and seemed to enjoy it.  How is that chocolate pudding pop, son?”

“Good,” I said, still dizzy.

“Great, good.  Good,” Cosby replied.  “One day, many more people will have no choice but to enjoy my savory chocolate pudding pops.  Just you watch.”

Little did I know that Bill Cosby would be forcing his chocolate pudding pops into so many people.  Trust me my friends.  The few of us that have come forward are not even the tip of the iceberg.  Growing up I heard about all sorts of people whispering about having to taste Mr. Cosby’s puddings.  That is just sick!

Go ahead and ask someone you know.  Ask them when they were younger, at any point in time did their mouth have any association with Mr. Cosby and his chocolate pudding pops.  I can guarantee you the answer they will say is ‘yes’.

As I’ve seen with all the other people accusing Cosby of these things, I want to thank you in advance.  I know you will believe my story, because you have believed every other story even without trial.  It warms my heart to know that my accusations will not fall on deaf media ears and with the evidence of my words and painful memories, now a nation can help my recover my pain.  I just hope that someway, somehow, that all the money that I might get from this can help find me some counseling to confront these newly found demons, born of Mr. Cosby’s lust some 3 decades ago.

What do you think?

Written by Abe Goodman

Champion of American values and spreading morality to the unsaved world. And if you don't like that, you can just get out of my country smart-alack.


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