Outrage after Black Ferguson Police Officer Detains Fraternity Bro For Public Streaking, $1600 In Vandalism

ferguson police arrest fraternity bro
A black Ferguson police officer broke protocol and dared detain the son of a wealthy Ferguson lawyer. Mort Buntreiger, the victim of the police brutality, is also an esteemed member of the Alpha Beta fraternity and was detained shortly after this photo was taken by his friends.

The streets of Ferguson, Missouri, are once again home to throngs of angry, rioting protesters who are tired of the growing levels of injustice in this country.

This week a wealthy trust-fund college student at a local university had his natural rights violated by a member of the Ferguson Police Department.

Mort Buntreiger, a senior member of the Alpha Beta fraternity, was partaking in typical weekend hijinx.

“What is this country coming to when an innocent white fraternity kid, the son of a fine and wealthy parents, cannot have a little fun in college. What’s college supposed to mean for these future American leaders if we’re going to make them feel guilty for petty things like vandalizing a store, stealing a road sign or two or slipping some roofies in a buxom freshman’s girl drink at a weekend party. These are just part of the process, yet we were ashamed by Officer DeWayne Jackson’s actions,” said a spokesperson for the Ferguson PD.

Alpha Beta fraternity president Jefferson William Wentworth gives Ferguson PD a ‘thumbs down’ rating for how they dealt with one of his fellow fraternity members. “It is one thing if they are shooting down a non-college black thug in the mean streets, that just makes it safer for me to drive around without worry. But when they do something so violent like this to a member of Alpha Beta, for just a little property destruction, theft, vandalism and drunken arguing with a cop, that’s just over the line. It’s just too much. You know, that could have been me out there getting harassed for just having a little good, clean fun.”

Parents of the Alpha Beta fraternity members feel that the Ferguson PD has tarnished their sons’ reputation and plan on drafting a letter demanding immediate apology from the department.

In response to the demands, Ferguson PD states, “We would like to ensure everyone that Officer DeWayne Jackson has been stripped of his badge and will not return to the force. You know, if he were an upstanding officer who just had no choice but to shoot down a black guy, we’d let him right back in. But this is just too grievous. Too many good people have suffered, so it is just best to let Officer Jackson await his trial for violating Mr. Buntreiger’s Civil Rights.”

police arrest ferguson fraternity bro
After being released from police custody, Buntreiger instantly joined in a kegger rally other parents of Ferguson threw in his honor.

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Written by Annabelle Goodman

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