Is Obama Even Human or Is He A Shapeshifting Illegal Alien from the Cosmos?

During a recent interview, Obama’s hair was at first speckled with gray and white but moments later, it switched to nearly all black. Obama’s then unhinged his jaw and distinct ridges could be seen in his face, according to a camera man on the scene. Obama glared down at the camera man with eyes an off-set green on brown. “Make me look good, let’s make it a good interview,” Obama said, winking and not knowing that for a brief second his sheep’s skin disappeared and for the first time the true wolf beneath could be seen by all.

Many people question why Barack Obama is willing to risk impeachment to pass his Illegal Immigration Amnesty Bill.  If Obama can somehow muscle this act through Congress and into law, it will give all sentient life in the United States a chance to ‘naturalize’ as US citizens and gain full rights of an American.

Why is this so important to Barack Obama?

Barack Hussein Obama pulled the greatest poker trick of all time.  While before the 2008 elections many Americans argued that he may have faked his birth certificate to hide his Kenyan roots, we missed the bigger picture.  Obama is actually not of this Earth.

There is more and more evidence that Obama and his White House staff have alien technology, shapeshifting abilities and other attributes that are far beyond the Earthly realm.


Obama regularly manifests and wields the power of Ra, the ancient Sun god of Egypt.Barack-Obama-ball-of-fire

Obama uses his hand to generate a ‘small sun’, which makes sense as Obama considers himself a “Son of Ra’.  Ra is the ancient ‘sun god’ of Egypt.  To ancient Egyptians, aliens from another planet would be taken as ‘gods’ for their power far exceeded the human mind’s expectations of ‘normal reality’.  

Obama can de-age himself within a day.  This is proof that he has a sarcophagus.


As mentioned earlier in this expose, in only a matter of hours, above we see Obama looks like he is about 53 in the first photograph, then ‘magically’ is no more than 39 in the second photograph.  You can see his skin has more vigor and pink hue, he has less wrinkles and his hairline has grown back down in the second photograph.  How is this possible?

f A sarcophagus is a sleeping chamber that alien ‘gods’ used in ancient Egypt. To heal their bodies in Earth’s harsh climate, these aliens would sleep in these rejuvenating chambers to lengthen their dark reign over the primitive, gullible people on Earth. We can assume Obama ages so well and deages himself using the same philosophy as his true alien ancestors.

My dear friends, these are certainly cruel days and evil hours.  Obama has reached a desperate point in his reign.

All over the world, the last of the powerful alien rulers in the Persian region have fallen.

We all saw 300 and it was quite clear from that movie, aliens were among us.  Xerxes tried to destroy the foundations of human government in young Greece and even in Biblical times, God himself had to intercede to destroy the alien armies of King Pharaoh.  Why else would Moses need to use super natural abilities to escape mere men?

We have seen the fall of Qadafi, Saddam Hussein and all the other supernatural ‘god kings’ of the Middle East.  But there is none more powerful among them all than Obama.

Obama is so desperate to get to Mars?  Why is that?  Why is it that NASA has had so many weird upgrades in technology and mission objectives, the ESA’s Philae orbiter suddenly lost contact with Earth after hearing weird sounds from a comet and all of that?  It has to do with Obama’s cosmic agenda and you can be guaranteed that he has friends in high places.

It is more important now than ever before for us to impeach Obama and ask him to just not only leave our country alone and safe, but our planet as well.  We must ask him to just have mercy on this Christian planet and know that it is protected by the Lord.  Hopefully then he can take us out of whatever alien agenda there is to make us all live in debauchery and sin, so our alien overlords can continue to make us toil today while the rule over us in a true age of darkness for all mankind.


What do you think?

Written by Annabelle Goodman

As for me and my country, we WILL serve the Lord! And if you don't like that, you can just get out smart alack!


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