BREAKING: Russia Planning Land Invasion of Mexico, Sends Bombers and Fighter Jets to Patrol Gulf of Mexico

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Russian military officials announced yesterday that the Russian military will ‘without interference from any other nation’ begin to conduct military patrols in the Gulf of Mexico.  ‘The Monroe Doctrine means nothing to a sovereign Russia.  To protect Russia’s future interests, we have determined it is necessary to establish a military base in Mexico and regularly circle bombers in the region, so that a beachhead is established pending a war with any NATO allied nation who have similarly positioned themselves for a strike against our homeland,’ said Russia’s Defense Minister.

Former Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev has warned ‘A new Cold War with Soviet Russia is inevitable.

Last week, Russia strategic bombers practiced cruise missile strikes on ships designed to resemble the US Navy’s modern fleet.   This week, Russia announced its plans to place an aircraft carrier in the Gulf of Mexico to ‘protect its interests in the Western hemisphere’.

Russia has challenged and defied the Obama administration to do anything to stop its deployment.  By the end of the month, Russia expects to have ‘bombers and fliers in constant patrol of the Gulf of Mexico’, along the Southern United States seaboard.

Officials confirm that the Russians have already contacted Mexico and let the nation know that in the event of war with America, Russia would annex a region to create a ‘beachhead and establish a permanent military presence in the Western hemisphere’.

The Obama administration has made no public declaration of intent of stopping Russia from violating the Monroe Doctrine or placing its bombers within 30 minutes of invading the United States.

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Written by Abe Goodman

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